Observing and collecting small scale interventions through cities. Recorded as Tactical urbanism, these urban interventions are quick, often temporary, cheap projects that aim to make a small part of a city more lively or enjoyable.

Tactical Urbanism is used by a range of actors, including governments, businesses and nonprofits, citizen groups, and individuals: government, organisations, citizens, developers or entrepreneurs and architecture and urbanist practices.

I am interested in the bottom up effect of these projects, when individuals, groups or organisations are taking relevant initiatives on their direct urban environment in order to make it more enjoyable, practical or reflective to the local needs and wants.

I divided my findings into 3 main categories: who? (actors) what? (nature)  where? (location) with sub categories.


  • companies/studios
  • community
  • citizens, individuals or groups
  • artists
  • government and organisations
  • academics/researchers/authors


  • interventions
  • events
  • initiatives
  • guerilla__
  • DIY
  • community spaces
  • participatory projects
  • urban hacking
  • rebel architecture
  • social innovation
  • community activism/resilience
  • talks and conferences


  • outdoor spaces
  • indoor spaces
  • empty/decayed spaces