Jeremy Deller

UK artist who work collaboratively on conceptual art, video and installation believing in collective creativity and interaction. He is driven by social history and contemporary life that he re-transcript in an interactive and accessible way in various locations. His work is collective (The uses of literacy, 1997), often political (The Battle of Orgreave 2001; Sacrilege, 2012; English Magic, 2013), it is mixing genres (Acid Brass, 1997; Procession, 2009), sometimes humorous (Posters 2012),  but all the time with people’s place in the artwork in mind (Our hobby is Depeche Mode, 20001; Do touch, 2015, Folk Archive, 2005), devaluing artistic ego.

I discovered him through a conversation around my thesis on Tactical Urbanism and my personal interest on collaborative and meaningful projects for the audience or users. His way of making art is very interesting and relevant to my subject matter and practice as designer as it shows and empowering way to create art and the impact that it can have on people.

The documentary, Middle Class Hero (2012) directed by Jack Cocker is a smooth and interesting way to get to know Jeremy Deller work.


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