Want to Change the World? Start With Your City: Lee Fisher at TEDxDesMoines

If you want to make a change start with your city: it is large enough to make a large impact and small enough to make a deep impact.

Approaches to change your city: start by imagining the future of cities, we are the only specie on hearth to be able to imagine our future. It is a great gift to human kind but to be given to government and cities.

World is changing so fast, exploding population living in cities, the number of information we generate since 2003 and internet, science and technology discoveries, text messages, plus everything that will change our life in a very close future as everything is changing so fast and our future unpredictable.

Look at our cities as a start up, as a mind set, always look ahead, experimenting, creating the future.

frame, act, select, engage: how is your city vitals/vital signs? connected, innovative, talented and distinctive city. Look at how to connect physical capital and human capital and social capital, look at culture capital of innovation, look at the creative capital and the young students, education system.

progress principles, thinks to act on to make measurable progress: dividends: talent, green (decrease the number of miles that people drive), opportunity (poverty reduction)



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