Regenerating Neighborhoods with Cultural Heritage: Jeffrey Morgan at TEDxDesMoines City 2.0

Jeffrey Morgan talks about the vibrant city and the importance of having a balanced economical, social and cultural balance. He defines the functioning of what he perceives as as an healthy city composed by neighborhood centers which are economically healthy, socially vibrant and culturally diverse.

Notes on the talk:

  • sustainable neighborhood/urbanism: convergence of capital and culture. interactive and engaging neighborhood economy and human capital of the neighborhood, government and residents dialogue.
  • value of a good balance between capital and culture
  • focus on seek on interactions largely happening in day to day services find in retail and entertainment services, most of them are micro-businesses: barber, pharmacies, corner shop, cafes, pub..
  • structure of a sustainable neighborhood and business district, mini villages: businesses at the center of the neighborhood, parks and other cultural buildings, high residential density around the business center, good transportation system and density getting lower as we get further business center.
  • re discovery of these business centers and cultural heritage and identity have been capitalized by developers who based the regeneration on ethnic identity of the neighborhood to stimulate the area and create a destination tourist location.
  • implementing ethnic heritage and micro businesses to regenerate vacant historical building to revitalize and strengthen neighborhoods, both from a capital point of view and a cultural one.

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