Headphone by sibling co illustration

I was researching podcasts to cover my tube journeys and found out these relevant ones brainstorming on urbanism. Accessible, insightful and easy to the ears !

Urbanism Speak Easy:

The first podcast that crossed my headphones. Self described as the human scale design podcast this is  weekly internet broadcast about human-scale design hosted by Andy Boenau. Here make places better for people is the motor of the podcast where various guests, urbanists, artist, activists and thinkers, will express their views on topic such as city planning, individual liberty, transportation, community actions, etc.. The aim is to awake your critical thinking about the urban environment surrounding us and how could it be shaped and approached in a different way.


The Urbanist:

A weekly podcast dealing with everything related to the urban, studying what makes city work or fail. The show is hosted by Andrew Tuck, and the topic varies from episode to episodes covering different topic concerning our cities, from squares to abandoned buildings and city tale, and through housing, transport, culture and sustainability.


The Third Wave Urbanism:

A podcast I have just read about and already like their approach to public spaces, city planning and future developements to handle now. It is a podcast realised by 2 young female urbanists named Kristen Jeffers and Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman. As a vision, they “expect our cities to be walkable and bikable, to offer equitable choices in public transportation, and for public spaces to be safe environments in our diverse communities”. Podcasts aim to focus on bottom up, sustainable, walkable and cyclable cities, ready!



‘From the team of Parksify, comes a podcast all about urban public spaces and their impact on the communities and cities we live in.’ Great American podcast centered on public spaces and their different uses and evolution through time and understanding we keep on getting of them.

Featured photo, Headphone by sibling co illustration




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