The Edible Bus Stop

STORY (in their own words, facebook page)
Originating as a guerilla community garden, adjacent to a bus stop in Stockwell, South London, a once forgotten space has been transformed into a thriving garden and neighbourhood hub. It is celebrated by the local residents, users of the bus stop, has the full endorsement of the local council and is considered an example of best practice in community empowerment and action. The natural progression from this garden is to create London’s first Edible Bus Route, sourcing and transforming neglected and disused spaces along the route of the 322 Bus (Clapham Common to Crystal Palace). It will provide interactive spaces for communities creating sources of local pride and interconnectedness. Ultimately, the plan is to take the route across London and the provinces capitalising on the invaluable knowledge and expertise gained along the way by its core team of protagonists.
Working closely with each community, the Edible Bus Stop (EBS) projects ambition is to provide the framework for locals to utilise these neglected spaces more productively. We want to move away from the usual stereotype of the community garden, using creatively inspired design to raise their profile. Our vision is to explore the juxtaposition of using high-end aesthetics at lower end budgets to create designs that promote harmonious community spaces that are landmarks, demonstrating that good design is not socially exclusive.
Using existing transport infrastructures we can join the community dots. By creating an Edible Bus Route we can improve your experience of journeys, waiting times at bus stops, and also inspire re the growing of food and the eating of a healthy diet including fruit and vegetables. We aim to provide an umbrella organisation that will enable the exchange of resources, skills and knowledge between communities. By bridging gaps and encouraging conversation we seek to break down barriers and get people talking to each other. Our community gardens will not sit out of sight in isolation but will be part of a network, galvanising the immediate community and creating a larger network of community growing spaces. Just hop on the bus and make a journey through inspired community spirit.
The core of our ethos is the belief that a brutal landscape makes for a brutal outlook, and that by taking responsibility for our neglected ‘public’ spaces we can change people’s perceptions and improve upon the experience of inner city living

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